Response by Stephen Salmore

After three failed governors, whom large sections of the public deemed to be failures, New Jerseyans are anxious to find a governor in whom they can believe.  They’re hoping Codey can fill that role. They don’t know much about him yet, but appear to be willing to give him a chance.  Codey stands in a unique moment in New Jersey history. He has a blank slate on which he can write anything. What Codey does in the next two or three months will go a great way to determine who the next governor will be.

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Comment by Fairleigh Dickinson University Research Professor of Political Science, Stephen Salmore (Ph.D., Princeton University). Steve specializes in both national and New Jersey politics and presently operates Raritan Associates, Inc. He is co-author of Parties, Elections and Campaigns and New Jersey Government and Politics. Dr. Stephen Salmore can be reached at 973-292-3633.

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