Response by Rick Thigpen

New Jersey Republicans are willing to even toss the Boss under the bus? In their fanatical zeal to prove their love to "W," the same Republicans who will trample their grandmothers to score Springsteen tickets at the Meadowlands, now spurn their native son reminding America that New Jersey politics are the Badlands. In an all too familiar pattern of flip flopping, these E-Street Shuffling Republicans have forgotten their fawning over Bruce when Ronald Reagan claimed "Born in the USA" as his anthem. With Hungry Hearts, Republicans prove they will do anything for victory.

Further proof is claiming Tony Soprano for the G.O.P. This nouveau riche "Reagan Democrat," can't be bought off by the preferred "W" method, tax cuts, so they would have to go to their other tried and true formula, a wedge issue. Maybe Tony thinks the Democrats’ "thorough and efficient" law is making his property tax bills go up. Or even better, maybe Tony can relate to the way "W" handled Saddam. Heck, if "W" can win over Tony Soprano, maybe he can carry New Jersey.


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Comment by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind Academic Associate, Rick Thigpen (J.D., Columbia University Law School). Rick is a former Executive Director of the New Jersey Democratic Party and now a partner in The Strategy Group and is a campaign coordinator for the Essex County Democratic Party. Rick Thigpen, Esq. can be reached at (609) 394-0888.

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