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Is Newark Mayor Cory Booker coming down to earth?  According the most recent results from Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind, three of five (58%) of those who have heard of him have a favorable opinion of him against just one in five (20%) who have an unfavorable opinion, a three-to-one ratio that any politician will envy. But that's down from the good ol' days when just 8% of those who knew anything about him said their opinion was unfavorable. “Governance of a major urban city will cost some popularity,” said Leroy Jones chair of the Democratic Party Committee in neighboring East Orange and a former Essex County freeholder. “Jerseyans have refocused on Booker as he begins to deal with major issues confronting the city, from layoffs to a mounting number of violent fatalities.”

Booker does about equally well in the measure of favorable-to-unfavorable opinion among Democrats, independents, and Republicans as well as men and women, whites and African-Americans.  “This is a big city mayor with rare crossover appeal to a largely suburban state,” observed Peter Woolley, the poll director. “To the extent that he succeeds in Newark, he will become a statewide--if not a national--force.”


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