Republican Response

Wally Edge would make a tremendous U.S. Senate candidate. His insight into New Jersey voters and politics would make him the candidate to beat in the GOP primary. In his absence, if Anne Estabrook does not waste all her money on mail this month, her millions should prevail.

While Sen. Lautenberg is well ahead it will be hard for him to make the case that he is any kind of a change agent. A change wave and Obama campaign could work against him.

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Comment by Mark P. Campbell: Mark Campbell (Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania) is a principal with the Republican political consulting firm of Campbell & Campbell Campaigns, Inc.  Mark is also an instructor at the Republican National Committee's Campaign Management College, as well as a consultant to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in Washington DC.  Dr. Mark Campbell can be reached at 973-331-0055.


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