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Corporate Research Services

PublicMind offers the complete range of quantitative (e.g., telephone surveys) and qualitative (e.g., focus groups) research services to corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. PublicMind offers everything from consultation to data analysis, and from large-scale studies, to just a few survey questions.

A PublicMind researcher is available for your entire project or any phase of it including design, sampling, question construction, data collection, analysis, written reports and presentations of the results.

Quantitative Surveys

For telephone-based studies, PublicMind only uses professional interviewers specializing in opinion research and has 200 interviewing stations equipped for CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) and Query, CfMC and Results CATI software systems.

Each commissioned project is assigned a PublicMind project manager. PublicMind delivers the topline results within two business days and a written report within 5 business days following the end of fieldwork. PublicMind can also provide media communication packages.

Please see Standards and Client Testimonials

Omnibus Surveys

"Any questions?"

In addition to conducting full scale surveys on behalf of our clients, PublicMind offers omnibus services. If you only have a few questions to ask, we'll add them to one of our regularly scheduled surveys. We can use your existing questions, or let us help you design the questions you want to add. Either way, our omnibus offering is a cost-effective way to get the information you need.

Examples of Populations We Survey Regularly

To ensure a representative sample and statistical validity, we stratify and weigh our Random Digit Dialing (RDD) samples.

Qualitative Research

PublicMind can also assist you in conducting any type of qualitative research project. Our experienced researchers have conducted more than a thousand one-on-one In-Depth Interviews (IDI's) and Focus Groups for a wide variety of clients.

To let us know how we can help you, contact:

Rich Higginson, Director of Market Research at (908) 213-1971 or

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FDU PublicMind Consumer Indexes

Introduced in January, 2003, the PublicMind Consumer Indexes measure and compare consumer confidence past and future. See Recent Research for details on the current index levels.

The Index of Consumer Performance, the retrospective number, is a composite number of reported behavior over, and opinions of, the past year. The Index of Consumer Intentions, the predictive number, is a composite number of consumer opinions of, and intentions for, the coming year.

Each number is based on a series of questions about the economy, personal finance, and consumer intentions. In each index, responses about the direction of the economy and personal finances account for 40% of the composite. Consumer intentions regarding a variety of major expenditures over the past and coming year make up 50% of the index. And 10% of the composite number is a reflection of consumers' comfort with personal debt. Each index can theoretically vary from on a scale from 0 to 100.