Response by Rick Thigpen

Finding a way to pay for infrastructure improvements seems essential to the state's economy.  It is going to require determined leadership to convince the public to support an increase in the gas tax as the solution.  Corzine, Codey and Roberts are faced with an important decision for the state that is fraught with partisan political peril. 

Unless and until more public support for a gas tax can be generated, notwithstanding Assemblyman Wisniewski's earnest efforts, the keepers of the fortunes of the Democratic Party had better proceed with caution.

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Comment by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind Academic Associate, Rick Thigpen (J.D., Columbia University Law School). Rick is a former Executive Director of the New Jersey Democratic Party and now a partner in The Strategy Group and is a campaign coordinator for the Essex County Democratic Party. Rick Thigpen, Esq. can be reached at (609) 394-0888.

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