Response to Energy Poll by Stephen Salmore

With a majority of citizens unaware of Bush's energy plan and many unconvinced that there is an energy crisis, the political fallout from the energy issue remains unclear. Presently, the Clinton administration and Congress are more likely to be seen as responsible than President Bush for what energy problems we have. Although many have not heard of Bush's plan, those who have are evenly divided about it with Democrats and liberals more opposed and Republicans and conservatives more supportive. The longer energy problems remain as a focus of public concern, the more the public will start pointing its finger at Bush. However, if energy problems were to abate, Bush is well positioned to be given the credit for dealing with a tough problem.

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Comment by Fairleigh Dickinson University Research Professor of Political Science, Stephen Salmore (Ph.D., Princeton University). Steve specializes in both national and New Jersey politics and presently operates Raritan Associates, Inc. He is a co-founder of the Eagleton Poll and co-author of Parties, Elections and Campaigns and New Jersey Government and Politics.

Dr. Stephen Salmore can be reached at 973-292-3633

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