Response by Gloria Gadsden

"The story of suburban voters having little interest in our state's urban areas has not changed much since last year. This issue is not really divided along lines of age, education, political ideology, or even region. Race is the dividing line. African Americans are the only social group that would be more likely to attend events in Newark. Meanwhile, a majority of whites would be less likely to attend such events. This issue won't be resolved by politicking or appeals to logic about reviving an old city. More important, the blemish of racism on the integrity of New Jersey will not be easily e-raced."

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Comment by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind Academic Associate, Gloria Gadsden (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania). Gloria is a professor of sociology specializing in race and gender.

Dr. Gadsden can be reached at 973-443-8732.


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