Republican Response

As the institutional incumbent, these numbers are very bad news for Jon Corzine. By this point in the race, one would have expected him to be in the upper 40's nearing 50%, particularly given the spending advantage he has enjoyed. Conventional wisdom dictates that voters who make up there minds late in the race break in favor of the challenger or, this case, the perceived challenger Doug Forrester. Both campaigns better have their ground game together because this race may be determined by who does a better job turning out their vote on Tuesday.

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Comment by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind Academic Associate Michael P. Torpey (J.D., Seton Hall University School of Law). Michael is a former Chief of Staff to Governor Christine Todd Whitman and served as New Jersey Director of Campaign Operations for Bush-Cheney '04. Michael Torpey, Esq., can be reached at 609-394-0888.

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