Related Courses

Many FDU courses, majors, and degrees are relevant to the subject matter of FDU PublicMind surveys, and/or to the survey technology itself.

BUSI5511 Social, Political and Legal Environment of Business
BUSI5520 Applied Statistical Analysis
BUSI5912 Statistics Skills Seminar I
BUSI5914 Statistics Skills Seminar II
COMM3205 Public Opinion and Persuasion
COMM3206 Public Opinion Workshop
ECON3307 Public Finance
ECON3366 Government and Business
HIST2282 Government and the Individual
HIST3498 Practicum in Public History
HIST3499 Practicum in Public History
MADS6604 Ethics and Public Value
MADS6613 Marketing of Public and Nonprofit Organizations
MADS6614 Comparative Public and Nonprofit Systems
MADS6615 Global Leadership for Public and Nonprofit Orgs.
MADS6619 Politics & Policy of Entrepreneurial Government
MATH1129 Introduction to Statistics
MATH1133 Applied Statistics
MATH1142 Introduction to Statistics
MATH1143 Statistical Application of Business
MATH2337 Applied Statistics for Scientists
MATH3237 Probability and Statistics I
MATH3238 Probability and Statistics II
MATH3303 Probability and Statistics
MATH6781 Probability and Statistics I, II
MATH6782 Probability and Statistics I, II
PADM3300 Public Policy & Administration
PADM3301 Public Sector Budgeting
PADM3303 Public Personnel Admin
PADM6600 Public and Nonprofit Management
PADM6810 Public Management Internship
PADM6811 Independent Study in Public Administration
PADM6812 Political Environ/Public Admin
PADM7716 Delivery of Public Services
PHAR6605 The Pharmaceutical Industry: Structure and Government Regulations
PHAR6606 The Chemical Industry: Structure and Government Regulations
PHIL2205 Social and Political Philosophy
POLS1101 Introduction to Political Science/Political Science I
POLS1201 American Government and Politics
POLS1220 Comparative Government
POLS2201 Public Policy
POLS2230 International Relations/History of Political Thought
POLS2231 Comparative Government
POLS2232 History of Political Thought
POLS2240 Political Theory
POLS2250 Political Methodology
POLS2253 American Government I
POLS2254 Public Policy
POLS2255 Public Administration
POLS2313 Intergovernmental Relations
POLS3309 American Public Policy
POLS3310 Nationalism/Political Parties and Interest Groups
POLS3315 Government and Business
POLS3316 Political Behavior

POLS3317 Public Administration
POLS3318 Urban Government and Politics
POLS3328 West European Government
POLS3329 Japanese Government & Politics
POLS3331 American Political Thought
POLS3335 Political Geography
POLS3340 American Political Thought
POLS3341 Contemporary Political Theories
POLS3352 Government and Politics of the Third World
POLS3354 Political Parties and Pressure Groups
POLS3450 British Government and Politics
POLS4075 Honors Seminar (Political Science)
POLS4310 Modern Political Thought
POLS4430 Selected Studies in Political Science
POLS4477 Honors Research and Thesis (Political Science)
POLS4498 Co-op Political Science
POLS4800 Independent Study in Political Science
POLS4875 Honors in Political Science
POLS6870 Ethics in Public Affairs
POLS7812 American Political Thought
POLS7820 Models of Political Systems
POLS7821 Modern Political Theory
POLS7826 Politics of Public Policy
POLS7863 Comparative Governments in the Middle East
POLS7867 Political and Economic Challenges in Africa
POLS7873 Political and Economic Challenges in Asia
PSYC2107 Statistical/Experimental Psychology I, II
PSYC2108 Statistical/Experimental Psychology I, II
PSYC2110 Psychological Statistics
PSYC2201 Statistics
PSYC2207 Statistical/Experimental Psychology I
PSYC2208 Statistical/Experimental Psychology II
PSYC2210 Psychological Statistics
PSYC6121 Statistics
PSYC6125 Statistical Inference
PSYC6503 LAB: Psychological Statistics
PSYC6603 Statistics
QUANT1129 Introduction to Statistics
QUANT1130 Statistical Applications in Business
QUANT2029 Introduction to Statistics
QUANT2231 Intermediate Statistical Applications
QUANT5520 Applied Statistical Analysis
QUANT5912 Statistics Skills I
QUANT5914 Statistics Skills II
QUANT7760 Applied Multivariate Statistics
QUANT7765 Statistical Studies: Planning and Analysis
SOCI3338 Political Sociology

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