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Releases from 2011

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19DEC2011 A Nation of Bettors?

They May Follow New Jersey's Lead into Sports Betting [more]

14DEC2011 Too Soon to think about Vice Presidential Candidates?

For some . . . but not others. [more]

07DEC2011 Gingrich is New Fave, Voters Approve of Iraq Withdrawal, President Beats All Comers

In head to head trials, Obama bests . . . [more]

28NOV2011 Part Deux: Many think US is bailing out Greece

NPR, Jon Stewart Out-Fox Cable News [more]

21NOV2011 Some News Leaves People Knowing Less

However, the best informed respondents are those that watched . . . [more]

14NOV2011 Garden State Still Prefers Locally Grown

Despite these gains, fewer New Jerseyans (64%) have ‘a lot' of confidence in . . . [more]

31OCT2011 New Jerseyans Feel Safest in Manhattan

Men feel safer than women in both . . . [more]

27OCT2011 NJ Says Occupy Wall Street

Nearly 9 of 10 New Jersey Republicans (88%) say . . . [more]

25OCT2011 New Jersey Headed in Right Direction. Really.

More immediately, the governor's popularity does not necessarily . . . [more]

10OCT2011 NJ Voters Favor Sports Betting, but not Tax Credits for Meadowlands Developer

58% say the state should not be using public money to . . . [more]

03OCT2011 3rd Quarter Report on New Jersey Consumer Attitudes

New Jerseyans' Outlook is Grim [more]

29SEP2011 Blue State Pans President

Seven in ten say country is on “wrong track.” [more]

29SEP2011 El Estado azul critica duramente al presidente

Siete de cada diez dicen que el país va por el “camino equivocado.” [more]

27SEP2011 Christie Approvals Bounce Back

Christie's favorable ratings are better than those of . . . [more]

27SEP2011 Vuelven a subir los índices de aprobación de Christie

Las calificaciones favorables de Christie son mejores que las de . . . [mas]

15AUG2011 N.J. drivers with long commutes speed and fill travel time with unsafe behaviors

One of five drivers with long commutes (19%) say that they . . . [more]

08AUG2011 Young N.J. drivers engage in risky behavior

They are 11 points less likely than others to say that they always . . . [more]

N A T I O N A L   P O L L S

25JUL2011 Thinking of New Jersey… Christie Rates National Mention

. . . Christie got more mentions than . . . [more]

18JUL2011 TV Reality Show ‘Jersey Shore' Promotes Jersey

People in the northeastern United States are more likely than people in other regions of the country to . . . [more]

14JUL2011 CIA Interrogation: Torture or Technique?

Nearly three in four Americans (73%) say harsh interrogation methods can . . . [more]

13JUN2011 N.J. Blames Energy Woes On Big Oil and Congress

The only significant change in the blame game is that the public is less willing to . . . [more]

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11JUN2011 A Christie Presidential Entry Hurts Pawlenty, Bachmann

Palin's 11% support comes mostly at the expense of . . . [more]

10JUN2011 Jersey Guy Trails the President: But Then, So Does Everyone Else

Meanwhile, Christie's approval back home in New Jersey took a turn for . . . [more]

06JUN2011 U.S. Public Says Regulate Violent Video Games, the Focus of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants

Men are more likely than women to say the supervision should be . . . [more]

31MAY2011 Menendez/Crowley Matchup

Part of the gap is accounted for in Republican . . . [more]

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26MAY2011 U.S. Public Rejects Interrogation of Minors without Parental Knowledge

... Even When Domestic Abuse Is Suspected [more]

26MAY2011 Obama Bump

Among Republicans, Obama's approval rating . . . [more]

24MAY2011 Garden State Voters Feeling Blue

The swing in mood from April to May is pronounced among . . . [more]

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23MAY2011 U.S. Voters Weigh in on Brown v. Plata, Case Involving Prison Overcrowding

Finally, white voters by 3-to-1 say the courts can't . . . [more]

02MAY2011 Las Vegas Is Preferred Casino Destination: Atlantic City Places Third

Those who pick Atlantic City first or second tend to say its best characteristic is . . . [more]

18APR2011 Odds Favor NJ Referendum on Sports Betting

Those who say they have a lot of interest in the issue, favor . . . [more]

13APR2011 1st Quarter Report on New Jersey Consumer Attitudes

New Jerseyans Feel Uneven Economic Recovery; Worry About Inflation [more]

11APR2011 Shared Municipal Services: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Three of four Republicans (76%) say it's . . . [more]

07APR2011 Obama Campaign Ahead, for the Moment, in New Jersey

However, his current approval rating is down from a much stronger . . . [more]

06APR2011 Governor's Approval Is Strong: Can it Translate to Legislative Elections?

Asked who they prefer to control the state Assembly and Senate after the next election, voters . . . [more]

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04APR2011 Public Blesses Arizona Christian School Tuition

The 5-to-4 ruling sidestepped the issue of establishment altogether by holding that . . . [more]

31MAR2011 Jersey Guy Runs Better Nationally than Other Big Republicans

Only two Republicans outperform Christie in match-ups with Obama. The president runs even with . . . [more]

21FEB2011 Sports Betting, Sure Thing; Internet Betting, Nyet!

Folks who already bet on sports in office pools are more likely than other voters to . . . [more]

21FEB2011 Apuestas deportivas, sí; apuestas por Internet, no

Aquellos que ya participan en apuestas deportivas en sus lugares de trabajo son más propensos que otros votantes . . . [more]

16FEB2011 N.J. Voters Oppose Takeover of Atlantic City Tourism District

Voters are more optimistic about the direction of . . . [more]

16FEB2011 Votantes de N.J. se oponen a la toma de control del distrito turístico de Atlantic City

Los votantes son más optimistas sobre el rumbo del . . . [mas]

24JAN2011 Monday Blues: Optimism for the Short Term; Pessimism for the Long Run

Political identification matters too: Democrats are . . . [more]

20JAN2011 2011 Report on New Jersey Consumer Intentions

A slow-growing economy keeps New Jerseyans guarded about 2011 prospects [more]

See town-by-town discussion of this issue -- and video interviews -- from

17JAN2011 Obama and Menendez Ahead in New Jersey

The president is ahead on his ratings even though . . . [more]

11JAN2011 Christie Approval Ratings Strong at End of Inaugural Year

Three of five voters (62%) continue to say the state should hold the line on . . . [more]