Index to Surveys in 2006 Calendar Year
from the Fairleigh Dickinson University public opinion research center
(New Jersey-based except as noted)

15NOV2006 Bear Necessity or Not?

And while a majority of both Republicans and Democrats agree with the bear hunt as a remedy, Republicans . . . [more]

13NOV2006 Voters disapprove of eminent domain use

Voters' support of the use of eminent domain power is highly contingent on . . . [more]

03NOV2006 Backlash Issues Don't Sting Menendez

Polarization on this issue does not work against . . . [more]

02NOV2006 Negative campaign boosts Menendez's lead

Voters are also more likely to say now that neither candidate is . . . [more]

02NOV2006 Campaña negativa aumenta la ventaja de Menéndez

Ahora los votantes también tienden a decir que . . . [mas]

01NOV2006 Iraq weighs heavily on New Jersey voters

Only one in four likely voters rate the President's job performance as . . . [more]

L O O K I N G   A T   D E L A W A R E

31OCT2006 Carper continues to hold big lead

Much of Ting's support comes from the minority of voters (30%) who say . . . [more]

30OCT2006 Voters say Delaware is on the right track

However, Minner does much better among . . . [more]

27OCT2006 Castle holds big lead despite Bush, Iraq

Despite his vulnerability on national issues, Castle retains a large advantage in . . . [more]

25OCT2006 Attorney General race is tight

Wharton also does better than Biden among . . . [more]

17OCT2006 Trusting the system: Democrats vs Republicans

Democrats and Republicans differed most over the part of the criminal justice system that garnered the least trust among all . . . [more]

06OCT2006 Governor in good light

Among those voters who are undecided in the Senate race between Bob Menendez and Tom Kean, a majority think . . . [more]

05OCT2006 Menendez Leads; though doubts linger

In these questions, 36% of voters – including 23% of Democrats – expressed some reservations about . . . [more]

05OCT2006 Menéndez lidera, aunque perduran las dudas

En esas preguntas, el 36% de los votantes — entre ellos, el 23% de los demócratas — expresaron ciertas reservas sobre . . . [mas]

04OCT2006 President Getting mid-term bust, not boost

Voters seem to hold President Bush responsible for the direction of the country as 70% rate his . . . [more]

L O O K I N G   A T   D E L A W A R E

26SEP2006 Delaware headed in right direction: Castle wins popularity contest

A majority (54%) of Delaware voters also approve of . . . [more]

25SEP2006 Castle has commanding lead in House race

Spivak's campaign has been unable so far to capitalize on . . . [more]

21SEP2006 Carper holds big lead despite Iraq problems

The survey reveals some dissatisfaction among Delaware voters with Carper over . . . [more]

01SEP2006 Booker note

Almost two-thirds (65%) of those who know Booker say they have . . . [more]

31AUG2006 A dull crowd?

Women were more likely than men (39-30%) to say they'd be going . . . [more]

31AUG2006 Corzine shakes off sales tax

As for the hubbub over the sales tax, 57% say the increased sales tax . . . [more]

30AUG2006 New Jersey Senate race hinges on Iraq

Among those respondents who were asked about Bush and Iraq first, Menendez . . . [more]

29AUG2006 Dog days of summer for Bush ratings

As for Iraq, a majority of Republicans (57%) say the U.S. military effort in Iraq is going “fairly well” or “very well,” but . . . [more]

24JUL2006 Blacks and whites differ on trust in state's criminal justice system

Even the fairness of the jury system is subject to different perceptions: 77% of whites . . . [more]

20JUL2006 National issues drag Kean

When respondents were not primed to think about President Bush and the military action in Iraq, Kean . . . [more]

19JUL2006 Heroes and villains: sharp differences of opinion

And in a dramatic turnaround, 57% of Garden State voters say raising the sales tax is . . . [more]

18JUL2006 President posts worst marks ever for Garden State

A gender gap in perception looms large on national questions as just 18% of women say . . . [more]

15JUN2006 New Jersey seniors gamble away

For New Jersey seniors with some form of gambling problem, the average amount of money spent per year in casinos is more than three times . . . [more]

13JUN2006 Scott Gant and PublicMind Academic Associate Bruce Peabody started lots of conversations with their analysis concluding that former President Bill Clinton could legally run for Vice President.

14APR2006 James and Booker are complementary images

While only a third of voters statewide say they've heard of . . . [more]

10APR2006 Not just a store: a political question

A majority (56%) of Republican voters conclude that Wal-Mart is . . . [more]

06APR2006 Kean rallies Republicans

Kean's name recognition crept up 10 points over the last month to . . . [more]

04APR2006 2006 survey on budget proposals

On the other hand, agreement is nearly universal about cutting . . . [more]

15MAR2006 Criticizing the courts

While 40% say federal courts legislating from the bench is a very serious problem, just 33% say . . . [more]

13MAR2006 Danish cartoon controversy cuts by gender and race

Republicans are somewhat more likely than Democrats (49-40%) to say that the cartoons should be . . . [more]

09MAR2006 Menendez gains

Kean's name recognition and favorable ratings have not moved since . . . [more]

08MAR2006 President tanks; Governor has good will heading into budget season

New Jersey voters are not happy about the direction of their state, but they are not . . . [more]

19JAN2006 2006 Report on New Jersey Consumer Intentions

Conversely, about 30% of respondents indicate that they are likely to experience a . . . [more]

16JAN2006 Kean and Menendez Make Gains

Half of the 60% who say they’ve heard of Bob Menendez also say . . . [more]

14JAN2006 Nation still on the Wrong Track say Garden State Voters

Just a third (34%) rate the President’s performance as . . . [more]

13JAN2006 Gas Tax is a Slow Starter

A quarter of Democrats say the state needs to . . . [more]

12JAN2006 Corzine Has Tough Acts to Follow

Codey’s popularity is not enough to displace . . . [more]


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