2003 Survey Index

In 2003, we tracked consumer issues and details of congressional elections.

2002 Survey Index

In 2002, ethics and budget issues dominated our New Jersey research scene.

2001 Survey Index

In the inaugural year of PublicMind polling, we published results on the dimensions and causes of McGreevey's gubernatorial victory, on energy and other public policy issues, and on the Sopranos!

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2004 Calendar Year

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November 15, 2004 New Jersey supports farming the Garden State
Large majorities support farmers on a range of issues including wildlife . . . [more]

November 1, 2004 No Surprise from Late Deciders
While the results suggest that President Bush is not getting . . . [more]

October 29, 2004 Kerry Holds Garden State Lead: 47-40
Two-thirds (68%) continue to say that Kerry will take the . . . [more]

October 22, 2004 Bush Visit to Garden State Doesn’t Help
A majority of New Jersey’s likely voters agree that Kerry is . . . [more]

October 15, 2004 Bush gains in Garden State
A majority (54%) of New Jersey’s likely voters continue to say the country . . . [more]

October 12, 2004 Kerry Maintains Garden State Lead
Before the debates, two-thirds (66%) of New Jersey’s likely voters thought that Bush . . . [more]

October 7, 2004 Garden State Tilts D: Kerry Gains on National Security
Among those who say national security is the most important issue, 56% say . . . [more]

October 4, 2004 The Boss Doesn't Rock the Vote: Tony Soprano Leans Republican
Among those who think the most important quality in a presidential candidate is "being a strong leader," 44% think Soprano would . . . [more]

October 1, 2004 Richard Who?
Fully 59% of the state’s likely voters say they have never heard of . . . [more]

September 29, 2004 Bush/Kerry in New Jersey Remains Close
Asked which issue is most important in deciding their vote, a plurality (42%) choose . . . [more]

August 16, 2004 Special Election? Republicans, Independents… yes; Democrats… no.
Voters are divided on the question of when Governor McGreevey’s resignation should become effective — and they are . . . [more]

August 2, 2004 Confidence in Homeland Security Declines
For the first time since Fairleigh Dickinson University began posing the question, less than half of voters . . . [more]

July 29, 2004 Governor’s Ratings Improve
When voters are asked whether or not “honest, trustworthy” describes a number of prominent officials, the governor . . . [more]

July 28, 2004 Kerry Support Soft in New Jersey
Bush's support in the Garden State remains level despite declines in . . . [more]

May 26, 2004 New Jersey’s Top Shore Towns
There are many great places to visit on the New Jersey shore, but the town with the best boardwalk is . . . [more]

April 19, 2004 Worries Up, Preparedness Down: Security Seen Through Partisan Lens
The recent increase in worry does not necessarily come with an increase in . . . [more]

April 15, 2004 Voters Expect Property Taxes to Increase: Governor and Budget Get Mixed Reviews
. . . one in three say it's acceptable to raise taxes on some things so long as . . . [more]

April 13, 2004 Iraq Hurts Bush: Nader Hurts Kerry
. . . changes can be seen among Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike . . . [more]

March 1, 2004 Governor’s Ratings Don’t Benefit from Sprawl Issue
Only 22% of those who say controlling sprawl is very important also say that . . . [more]

January 30, 2004 Super Social Fans Are a Mixed Bowl
When you ask them who they want to win this year's game, they . . . [more]

January 29, 2004 Super Bowl Party Nominates Kerry
Patriots reject Bush; Panthers embrace Republican . . . [more]

January 23, 2004 2004 Report on Consumer Intentions
. . . [A] year ago two-thirds of Garden Staters said business conditions had gotten worse, now . . . [more]

January 22, 2004 What would you do with an extra thou?
People with children have a different idea. A majority of them (52%) would . . . [more]

January 21, 2004 Garden State not Mad about Cows
Women are also more likely than men to . . . [more]

January 16, 2004 Bush Rebounds Some in Garden State
In head-to-head trial heats against potential Democratic nominees for the Presidency, George Bush comes out ahead against . . . [more]

January 14, 2004 New Jerseyans Flunk Basic Preparedness
At the same time that Jerseyans are worrying less about a terror attack, their confidence in federal and state . . . [more]

January 13, 2004 Governor's Poor Ratings are Steady-State
. . . only 25% of voters think the Governor has done a good enough job to deserve reelection while 58% . . . [more]

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