2002 Survey Index

In 2002, ethics and budget issues dominated our New Jersey research scene.

2001 Survey Index

In the inaugural year of PublicMind polling, we published results on the dimensions and causes of McGreevey's gubernatorial victory, on energy and other public policy issues, and on the Sopranos!

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2003 Calendar Year

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October 22, 2003 Democrats Hold the Line in 38th
... in this densely packed suburban district, voters give Democrats a significant edge on . . . [more]

October 17, 2003 Like the NJ Senate, the 36th district is an even match
[T]he issues most important to voters in this district are those that Republicans tend to . . . [more]

October 14, 2003 Governor No Help (to D’s) in 14th
As in other districts polled by PublicMind, voters say they are less likely to choose a candidate who is a strong supporter of . . . [more]

October 9, 2003 Governor No Help (to Republicans) in 12th District
Governor Jim McGreevey has been unpopular statewide and likely voters in the 12th district feel . . . [more]

October 8, 2003 Governor No Help in 4th District
. . . asked a generic question of whether they will vote for Republican or Democratic candidates for assembly and senate, respondents offer a . . . [more]

October 6, 2003 California Recall in New Jersey: No Way!
. . . 70% of New Jersey voters say the Garden State’s own recall process should be . . . [more]

October 5, 2003 Governor’s Unpopularity Could Hurt Democrats
. . . [H]alf of New Jersey’s voters said they would be less likely to vote for a state legislative candidate who . . . [more]

October 2, 2003 Bush Beatable?
"Democratic candidates can't take advantage of Bush's decline in popularity until . . . [more]

October 1, 2003 NJ Households Still Not Making Emergency Plans
New Jerseyans are no better prepared for the event of another terrorist attack than they were . . . [more]

September 23, 2003 Survey of University Presidents Finds Classics Still Essential
Presidents were asked: “What are five books you believe every undergraduate university student should . . . [more]

April 28, 2003 Newark Arena Makes No Progress with Public
. . . wheeling and dealing the idea of building a new sports arena in the city of Newark has made . . . [more]

April 24, 2003 Governor Losing Budget War
When asked who is responsible for the budget deficit, 28% of the state’s voters blame . . . [more]

April 23, 2003 War and Terrorism trump SARS — for now.
Voters in a state that went decisively for the president's rival in the 2000 election support . . . [more]

April 16, 2003 New Jersey’s Seven Top Towns
There are many great places to live in New Jersey, but the top spot in the Garden State is . . . [more]

January 24, 2003 I'm from New Jersey; I'll adjust.
Index of Consumer Performance and Index of Consumer Intentions show that residents' personal optimism is in contrast to . . .[more]

Survey of University Presidents Finds Classics Still Essential

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