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November 18, 2002 PublicMind On Target in New Jersey Senate Race
. . . most independent polls were generally accurate, but PublicMind's November 1 survey came the closest, exactly pegging . . . [more]

November 3, 2002 An Electorate Unmoved: Lautenberg Checks Republican Gain
. . . At this point, the race will tighten up only if the undecided voters . . . [more]

November 1, 2002 Late in the Race, It's Still a Race
. . . in the race for New Jersey's Senate seat, Republican Doug Forrester trails his better-known rival Frank Lautenberg by . . . [more]

October 18, 2002 Looking for a Few Good Issues
This might be a wedge for the Forrester campaign . . . [more]

October 17, 2002 Lautenberg Shows Strengths of Incumbency
Compounding Forrester's problems are that significant pluralities of New Jersey voters see Lautenberg as the . . . [more]

October 4, 2002 McGreevey Looks Good
As his party casts about to salvage its Senate race, it is Governor Jim McGreevey who is arguably the most . . . [more]

October 1, 2002 Beyond Ethics?
It was a "campaign devoid of all issues," said Senator Torricelli as he withdrew . . . New Jersey voters are indeed concerned about . . . [more]

September 27, 2002 Voters See Torricelli as Less Honest, but Experienced and Effective; Forrester Not Seen as Too Conservative
Forrester says the ... Senator is not honest ... Torricelli says that Forrester ... would turn the Senate over to conservative ideologues. According to the results of the most recent Fairleigh Dickinson University poll, voters agree . . . [more]

September 25, 2002 The Race for Senate: the Unpopular versus the Unknown
Can one of the nation's most vulnerable senate incumbents be ousted by an unseasoned challenger, who . . . [more]

May 31, 2002 Geography or Race? New Jersey Doesn't Buy Newark Arena
Governor Jim McGreevey's enthusiasm to build a sports arena in Newark is not shared by . . . . [more]

May 30, 2002 Budget Magic: NJ Voters have Strong Preferences, Great Skepticism, Little Information
New Jerseyans are divided on how the government should solve the current fiscal problems. A plurality say . . . . [more]

May 22, 2002 Which NJ Governor Wins the Unpopularity Ratings?
New Jerseyans voted Governor Jim Florio out of office . . . They elected and re-elected Christine Todd Whitman . . . Now both are out of office and . . . [more]

May 22, 2002 Trouble for Torricelli
As the incumbent, Torricelli's fate will rest largely on whether New Jerseyans believe he's done a good enough job to be returned to office. On this measure, Torricelli has . . . [more]

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In the inaugural year of Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind polling, we published results on the dimensions and causes of McGreevey's gubernatorial victory, on energy and other public policy issues, and on the Sopranos!

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