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November 16, 2001 Political Wrap-Up for Poll's Inaugural Year
Aside from national polls on energy, views of the Garden State and the television show The Sopranos, Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind released four polls this election year that accurately predicted . . . . [more]

November 5, 2001 McGreevey Maintains Lead Over Final Weekend; Final Margin Hinges on Turnout
. . . the final outcome will be affected by the level of turnout. Over the weekend, both major-party candidates solidified their base while some independents may be having second thoughts. . . . [more]

November 3, 2001 McGreevey Holds Gaping 18-point Lead: Republicans Divided but Turnout Questionable
Democrat Jim McGreevey leads Republican Bret Schundler by a margin of 53% to 35% . . . [his] margin is not likely to dissipate . . . [more]

October 14, 2001 McGreevey-Schundler Gap Driven by Non-Economic Issues And Independents
. . . independents differ significantly from partisan voters in their assessment of the candidates. . . . Independents' preferences on issues of taxes, the economy, and government spending are mixed, but . . . [more]

October 11, 2001 Bush gets High Marks; Whitman, Torricelli, Corzine get Mixed Grades
. . . The extremely positive marks that Bush receives are not matched by other prominent political figures in New Jersey. . . . [more]

October 10, 2001 Heading into Gubernatorial Debate
. . . Two weeks after the campaigns resumed, having been suspended after the terrorist attack, McGreevey's support remains more . . . [more]

August 15, 2001 New Jersey and the Sopranos: Perfect Together?
. . . only a third of all national respondents even know that the show is set in New Jersey . . . [more]

August 2, 2001 NEW JERSEYANS: Love the state, hate the taxes, and don't care what other Americans think
Despite the oft-cited New Jersey inferiority complex, half the state's residents say it is a "better" place to live than other states and two-thirds . . . don't care . . . [more]

July 25, 2001 Garden State "Greener" than the Nation
... on Energy Issues

. . . First, a majority of Americans are unfamiliar with President Bush's energy plan. Second, New Jerseyans think more "greenly" about energy issues than . . . [more]

July 19, 2001 Energy in the United States
. . . a significant segment of New Jerseyans and their fellow citizens across the nation view the price and availability of energy as a significant problem - but . . . [more]

May 14, 2001 Survey Methodology Discussion

May 8, 2001 Likely Republican Primary Voters
. . . PublicMind pre-primary survey shows that former House member Bob Franks enjoys a considerable ... [more]

May 3, 2001 The Race for Governor
. . . New Jerseyans could well be in for a close gubernatorial contest this November - but only if ... [more]

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