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In 2004, a contentious presidential election dominated the PublicMind radar screen.

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In 2003, we tracked consumer issues and details of congressional elections.

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In 2002, ethics and budget issues dominated our New Jersey research scene.

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In the inaugural year of PublicMind polling, we published results on the dimensions and causes of McGreevey's gubernatorial victory, on energy and other public policy issues, and on the Sopranos!

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2005 Calendar Year

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November 29, 2005 Garden Staters Suffer from Donor Fatigue
When asked to recall the natural disasters of the past year, New Jerseyans are far more . . . [more]

November 22, 2005 Codey a Tough Act
Even after growing public discussion of the question of whom to appoint to succeed Corzine . . . [more]

November 21, 2005 The Well-Kept Secret of Clean Elections (Joint release by FDU PublicMind and Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers University)
. . .a majority of voters say they are very concerned that people who give money to campaigns also influence . . . [more]

November 16, 2005 Jersey voter turnout high at farmers’ markets
A majority (55%) of likely voters say that the state should be required to prove . . . [more]

November 6, 2005 Decidedly Hard to Decide
PublicMind cannot say that undecided voters are breaking decisively for . . . [more]

November 4, 2005 Race within the Race
Favorable ratings of both candidates continue to decline slowly. The percentage of voters who . . . [more]

November 1, 2005 Keep the Champagne Corked
Male voters continue to favor Forrester (48-39%), but by a slightly . . . [more]

October 31, 2005 The Better Contest
Likely voters who are still undecided as to which candidate for New Jersey Governor to vote for are about . . . [more]

October 28, 2005 Campaign Stalemate
Despite leading 34%-23% in early October on the question of who is better able to do something about . . . [more]

October 17, 2005 Driving and Talking? Go get ’em!
. . . about the same percentage who say they rarely or never do it themselves -- approve of the . . . [more]

October 14, 2005 Likely Voters Attentive to Eminent Domain
Of the four scenarios tested, the only use of eminent domain a majority (54%) of likely voters accepts is . . . [more]

October 13, 2005 Do Race and Gender on the Court Matter?
Men and women, Republicans and Democrats, white voters and non-white voters have different opinions on . . . [more]

October 11, 2005 Corzine Maintains but Forrester Gains
Forrester has pulled ahead of Corzine on the question of who can better deal with the problem of . . . [more]

October 10, 2005 Likely Voters Following Race for Governor More Closely Than Baseball Races!
The Garden State's likely voters also say that which candidate for governor is elected makes . . . [more]

September 30, 2005 Update on the Shadow Race
Even among Democratic voters the big winner with 37% is . . . [more]

September 29, 2005 Garden State Voters Worry
Two-thirds (66%) of likely voters say the country is on the . . . [more]

September 27, 2005 No Traction for Challengers
Asked which candidate has the background and experience to be a good governor, less than half . . . [more]

July 25, 2005 The Other Statewide Race (for New Jersey’s Senate Seat)
When likely voters are asked who they would prefer be appointed to that seat, 39% respond they . . . [more]

July 22, 2005 And now for the Issues...
Corzine racks up a lead of 56% to 24% among those who describe themselves as . . . [more]

July 21, 2005 Corzine Leads; Codey Wins
When those who are unsure are pushed to make a choice between these two candidates, three out of five . . . [more]

July 20, 2005 Bush Withering in Garden State
A large majority (63%) of women say going into Iraq was a mistake but men . . . [more]

April 18, 2005 Secret Convention
Voters who have heard more about the convention notion are also more likely to say that it’s . . . [more]

April 15, 2005 Rational Voters
A large majority of Democrats (76%) say it’s a good idea to increase the . . . [more]

April 14, 2005 INVISIBLE MEN: The Sequel
Another five declared candidates for the Republican nomination have name recognition ranging from just . . . [more]

April 13, 2005 The Honeymoon is Over
Still, the Governor’s favorable-to-unfavorable ratio (2:1) continues to outpace that of . . . [more]

April 12, 2005 Elections in Iraq Don’t Help President in Garden State
A majority of 59% rate his performance as “only . . . [more]

February 3, 2005 2005 Report on Consumer Intentions
. . . respondents who identify themselves as Republicans are more likely than other partisans to be . . . [more]

January 27, 2005 Kean was Best Governor, but Worst is Up for Grabs
McGreevey and Whitman maintained that tie among both men and women. The difference was in . . . [more]

January 14, 2005 New Jersey is Not Clued into Constitutional Convention
Self-described liberals are only a little more likely than others to say . . . [more]

January 13, 2005 Invisible Men
Doug Forrester and Bret Schundler, who have both run and lost for statewide office before, are . . . [more]

January 12, 2005 President will not Honeymoon in Garden State
Even in the nine counties Bush won in November, voters are split 50-50 . . . [more]

January 10, 2005 “Richard Who?” Weighs in as Underdog
48% of those who report they have heard of the Acting Governor say they have . . . [more]

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