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19DEC2012 Americans want Federal money for Sandy rebuilding

... even if doing so drives up the deficit [more]

18DEC2012 Good name recognition among early GOP contenders

Christie tops the list in favorability [more]

10DEC2012 NJ Voters Support Farm Initiatives

... including land preservation steps [more]

03DEC2012 NJ Voters Support Right-to-Die Legislation

... despite not hearing much about it [more]

26NOV2012 The Governor, The President, and Sandy

Good numbers in the days after the storm [more]

21NOV2012 Assessing Effects of Sandy on the Election

The dog that didn't bark [more]

20NOV2012 Storm Response Gets Good Grades

Approval remains high [more]

09OCT2012 Education Bond on the November Ballot.

Who Knew? [more]

29SEP2012 Voters split on doggy seat belts in New Jersey

Bill addresses confusion over current law. [more]

24SEP2012 Public Split Over Tax Breaks in Atlantic City

Majority Opposes Expansion of Gaming Beyond the Boardwalk [more]

20SEP2012 Menendez’s Commanding Lead Hides Some Discontent

Approval remains high [more]

17SEP2012 Christie's RNC Speech Mostly Helps Self

Approval remains high [more]

14SEP2012 Big Lead for Obama After the Convention

Unemployment an insignificant factor [more]

27AUG2012 3rd Quarter Report on New Jersey Consumer Confidence

As Christie waxes, NJ Confidence wanes [more]

21AUG2012 Opinion divided . . .

. . . but majority give the state the green light to allow sports betting in defiance of federal law [more]

07AUG2012 Majority of New Jerseyans Reject Sales Tax on Internet Purchases

A majority of all respondents (56%) have heard at least something about . . . [more]

06AUG2012 N.J. drivers continue to roll the dice with safety

Not surprisingly, those who report frequently driving fast are twice as likely to . . . [more]

02AUG2012 Obama, Menendez, and Booker looking good, but room for Kyrillos to define himself

Conversely, Senator Menendez receives a higher percentage of unfavorable ratings among . . . [more]

01AUG2012 Christie continues to ride wave of support through his complicated relationship with the public

As for awareness of Christie’s successor, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, the operative question is . . . [more]

11JUN2012 New Jersey More Ethical Than Much of Europe

The ESS study carried out in Europe shows that young people tend to have . . . [more]

14MAY2012 N.J. Voters Wary of Internet Gambling

Opposition to Internet betting is widespread even though three of five voters (60%) support . . . [more]

11MAY2012 Booker Note: Favorable Over Unfavorable by 8-to-1

Even if 33% of Garden State voters haven't heard of Booker . . . [more]

10MAY2012 Flabby support for Menendez

Kyrillos remains a blank slate [more]

09MAY2012 Obama and Christie Get Similar Love

Romney's Uphill Battle Among Women [more]

08MAY2012 Jersey, Christie, Headed in Right Direction

A year ago in May, Christie's "favorables" were . . . [more]

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03MAY2012 What you know depends on what you watch: Current events knowledge across popular news sources

People learn most from NPR, Sunday Morning Shows, 'The Daily Show' [more]

02APR2012 Nation Sides with New Jersey Motorist Against Court, Automatic Strip Searches

Democrats and Republicans agree on the case by similar two-to-one margins. But men are . . . [more]

02APR2012 Jersey Admits New York Giants and Jets Just Happen to Play in Jersey

Giants and Jets fans are more likely than non-fans to say . . . [more]

26MAR2012 Hey, Numb Nuts: Not All Names Are Equal

Topping the "never acceptable" list are . . . [more]

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22MAR2012 Like US Supreme Court, US Voters Split on Bad Legal Advice

In the national poll, both Democrats and liberals were significantly more likely than other groups to say . . . [more]

20MAR2012 Health Insurance: Can They Or Can't They?

Voters Speak Clearly On Question of Mandating Health Insurance [more]

19MAR2012 Menendez Leading Kyrillos for Senate

But Trails Someone Else [more]

14MAR2012 Women Boost Obama, Pan Republicans

A majority of voters (53%) say the long, difficult Republican primary contest will . . . [more]

13MAR2012 Christie Approvals Riding High

State Headed in “Right Direction” [more]

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23FEB2012 Where is the Santorum Surge Coming From?

The More Conservatives Know, the More They Like Santorum [more]

20FEB2012 Rubio, Santorum, Christie for Vice President

Newt Gingrich, another active presidential candidate, who . . . [more]

14FEB2012 Santorum Runs Even with Romney

But Obama Beats Both [more]

23JAN2012 High Court Agrees with Public in US v Jones:

Electronic Tails Need a Warrant [more]

23JAN2012 Not Much Fuel for Debate

New Jersey voters don't want to pump gas [more]

17JAN2012 2012 Report on New Jersey Consumer Intentions

New Jerseyans are cautiously optimistic [more]

13JAN2012 Obama’s Job Approval Split; Advantage still Menendez

Some voters are now more optimistic about . . . [more]

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11JAN2012 In Contrast to High Court, US Voters Split on Freedom of Churches to Hire and Fire

A majority of liberals (53-32) as well as a majority of moderates (50-41) say . . . [more]

09JAN2012 Governor’s Approval Still Strong

Familiar patterns are found underneath the governor’s top line: men . . . [more]

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03JAN2012 Poll Memo: Public Has Consistently Opposed Internet Betting