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2013 Year to Date

19DEC2013 2016 prospects for the White House

Democrats have a clear leader, GOP does not. [more]

19DEC2013 Birth control funding and abortion policy

Partisanship, ideology, religiosity divide the electorate [more]

26NOV2013 NJ rolls the dice on online gaming

despite doubts of a plurality of voters [more]

15NOV2013 New Jerseyans support farming initiatives

but differ on how to fund them [more]

10NOV2013 PublicMind most accurate re: Governor's race

Pollsters compared [more]

04NOV2013 Christie insulated from frustrations with Congress

but rest of NJ GOP is not immune [more]

02NOV2013 NJ voters poised to raise the minimum wage

Half of Christie's supporters oppose the move [more]

01NOV2013 Christie maintains double-digit lead

Gap is larger still among independent likely voters [more]

23OCT2013 Voters weigh in on challenging sports betting decision

Majority have heard little or nothing about the issue [more]

15OCT2013 Low turnout likely for Oct. 16 special election

. . . and likely to help Booker [more]

14OCT2013 Majority of NJ voters not considering candidates' personal characteristics

. . . despite media focus on gender, weight, sexual orientation [more]

11OCT2013 Christie up, Obama down

Comparing approval rating histories of governor, president [more]

08OCT2013 Booker, Christie retain approval

Gay marriage decision also favored [more]

27SEP2013 New Jersey willing to give local liquor a chance

... though few are aware of recent change to laws on artisanal spirits [more]

11SEP2013 Value of a college degree

... and of college sports programs [more]

09SEP2013 Parents, not vouchers, seen as key to educational reform

Views on increased school funding vary with party affiliation [more]

03SEP2013 NJ veering towards the wrong track

Is it Governor Christie's fault [more]

24AUG2013 Christie and Booker fare well in 'blue' Jersey

NJ Repubs like Christie in 2016 [more]

15JUL2013 2013 Summer Report on NJ Consumer Confidence

Expectations are up for most; outlook not so positive for older residents [more]

11JUN2013 NJ voters talk up Atlantic City

Majorities would recommend it [more]

20JUN2013 Mourning Gandolfini

NJ looks back on The Sopranos [more]

20JUN2013 No public consensus ...

on lifetime alimony or bond money for religious colleges [more]

18JUN2013 Christie and Booker begin summer campaigns

Both with good news from voters [more]

12JUN2013 Thinking about Dad on Fathers Day

Americans want more of him [more]

11JUN2013 Don't Shush

Your silence may be used against you [more]

11JUN2013 Voters and Supreme Court both conflicted . . .

. . . on warrants for blood samples [more]

11JUN2013 Patents for human genes --

Voters opinions in advance of Supreme Court ruling [more]

10MAY2013 Americans' opinions about mom for Mothers Day;

Her role, her looks, her politics [more]

01MAY2013 Beliefs about Sandy Hook cover-up, coming revolution, underlie divide on gun control;

29% foresee possible armed revolution [more]

30APR2013 Hillary Clinton leads 2016 Democratic hopefuls;

Republicans lack a clear front-runner [more]

20MAR2013 New Jersey voters support states' rights in sports wagering case;

Remain opposed to online gambling [more]

19MAR2013 Do the right thing!

NJ Voter opinion on Sandy rebuilding [more]

13MAR2013 Booker vs Rivera and the power of cable news

Obama approval down slightly [more]

12MAR2013 Medicaid expansion receives wide support

Christie improves his favorables among Democrats [more]

08MAR2013 Random testing of middle school students:

Effect on drug use measurable years later [more]

07FEB2013 Public says it's illegal to target Americans abroad

Some question CIA drone attacks [more]

28JAN2013 2013 Report on NJ Consumer Confidence

New Jerseyans expect conditions to persist [more]

17JAN2013 Conspiracy theories prosper:

25% of Americans are "truthers" [more]

16JAN2013 Garden Staters cry foul over proposed plastic bag fee

Measure is widely panned across a variety of demographic groups [more]

14JAN2013 Garden State residents favor more gun restrictions

. . . and more proactive mental health measures [more]

10JAN2013 Voters favor Booker over Lautenberg

Obama receives high marks in 2013 [more]

07JAN2013 State gives thumbs up to governor

Challengers face an uphill battle [more]